The following list displays some of my clients:

Client Project Statement
Logo_farbig Photography:

  • all stores for their new website
  • portraits for their new website
  • photography for summer and winter catalogues
  • photography for adds (lifestyle)

“We like to work with Patrick because we appreciate his flexibility. This is very much needed in outdoor shootings.” (Moreno Zmak, Head of Sales/Marketing)


  • Portraits of all partners present at the time
  • Group photo

“Patrick used the short time available during our partner meeting to choose the set-up that represented us best.” (Simon Frei, Managing Partner)

Belair_4farbig Photography:

  • PR and media photography

“We appreciate the straight-forward collaboration as well as the high quality of Patrick’s work.” (Andrea Rytz, CEO)

Logo-RGB Photographyand Text:

  • Photography for their new website (portraits and architecture)
  • text for their new website

“Dynamic, passionate, creative: that’s what we like about Patrick.” (Günter Lanz, Owner and CEO)

eks-logo-cmyk Photography:

  • “Die Stromsparfamlie 2012”. Coverage of three articles as well as event photography

 “We appreciate Patrick’s availability and fast, yet accurate postprocessing and delivery process.” (Juliane Huber, Head Communication)

Logo Praxis TM2010 Photography:

  • creation of their new “image world”
  • realization of their new “image world”

“The creation of our new “image world” together with Patrick Stoll was exciting and inspiring. The refreshing result is convincing and underlines our great collaboration. Thank you for that! Best, Thomas and Beni.” (Thomas Müller und Benjamin Weidmann, dentists)

 logo_schriftzug_300x96  Communication:

  • moderation of the 2. e-Government-Day 2013

 “Patrick connected the stand-alone presentations in an ideal way. His questions to all the speakers summed up the 2. eGov-Day perfectly.” (Rosmarie Widmer Gysel, Member of the Governing Council of Schaffhausen)

 ksd_m_balken_150x121_farbig Communication:

  • training of presentation skills
  • composition of a professional article

 “Due to his readiness of mind and independent way of working, Patrick gave us the support and relief we had expected.” (Titus Fleck, Member of the Executive Committee)

cloudweb-logo  Communication:

  • composition of a professional article

“Fast, professional and straight forward. I like working with Patrick: The results are what I expect them to be: outstanding!” (Thomas Hasenfratz, Owner)

Logo Photography:

  • annual general meeting in the Swiss National Circus Knie

“Patrick Stoll documented our Annual General Meeting in the Swiss Natianal Circus with vivid pictures, which help remember the GM in a sustainable way.” (Daniel Brüschweiler, Head of the Executive Committee)

 Logo_Gawaplast_Basis_70mm_rgb Photography:

  • Portraits
  • Preparation of the background creating the possibility to add new portraits any time of the year
  • Implementation of the pictures in the website

 “Patrick works target-oriented and has an agreeable way of bringing in his own ideas. This creates a very valuable co-operation.” (Daniel Eugster, Member of the Executive Committee)

Weisskopf-Logo klein RGB-PT 5425 ohne Schrift Photography:

  • Portraits for new website

„It’s fun to work with Patrick, be it while climbing the highest peak of South America or be it in the Studio. Shortly after launching our new website we received the first compliments for our pictures.” (Patrick Almy, Member of the Executive Committee and Partner)